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Travel Report Update! - No python bites or botly infestations, so.. (Swiss trip 2011) Image Attachments URL

June 02, 2011 03:12PM could have been worse. But I got to say, the flying sure wasn't much fun. Thumbs down

Aside from that first delay at Memphis Intl. my flight out of Amsterdam was also delayed by ~ 20 minutes, then got put into a holding pattern at the other end. And if that wasn't enough the pilot aborted the first landing attempt at Zurich because there was a plane till taxiing on our runway. Eek!

All this conspired to put me nearly an hour behind my revised schedule, and a full 10 hours late by my original itinerary. It was starting to look like I might not make the 21:00 deadline for checkin at my hotel. Oops!

But the came to the rescue! Not only is the airport railway station very convenient to arrivals, ticketing was lightning fast, the train on-time to the minute, and I made to the Hotel du Faucon with 10 minutes to spare. Thumbs up! I'd been up for 36 hours at that point (can't sleep on a plane Frowning), so I didn't even unpack. Just brushed my teeth and hit the rack, and it was out like a light I was.

I slept for a full 11 hours, and was still a bit groggy and out of sorts when I awoke. A spot of coffee helped, and I read a Fribourg guide while I had me joe. Hmmmmm. Quite an interesting city, Fribourg. Very old (established in 1157), and the Old Town is beautifully preserved. It's primarily French-speaking, which kind of threw me. The other areas of Switzerland I have visited were German-speaking, in the main. So long story short, I decided to take advantage of the free time, and stay another day here.

One of the first to greet me was..

Photo by Ricky Lee
Click HERE for larger photo or HERE for supersized photo

..the official city mascot, Miss ville de Fribourg. Quite a saucy wench! She'd be 'R Rated' back home. Smile

I covered a good deal of the city by shank's mare, so I'm pretty tired and a bit footsore. Also took lots and lots of photos, but haven't had time to DL or process them yet. Look for a photo-tour of Fribourg sometime in the future. Wink

And, yes, of course I hit the Watch Shops! Smile Every one I saw, which was a bunch. Eek! One featured what must surely have been the entire line, including quite a number of models I was totally unaware of. The star of the show, for me, was this one:

Photo by Ricky Lee
Click HERE for larger photo or HERE for supersized photo

A simply STUNNING watch, the photos don't do it justice. Not exactly a PMW, though, as you can see - 1600 CHF works out to about US $1900 at the current exchange rate. That went a long ways towards my being able to resist it's wiles.. Wink

Nothing like hiking around all day to give ye a thirst..

Photo by Ricky Lee
Click HERE for larger photo or HERE for supersized photo I stopped at a likely pub and drank a toast to Switzerland in general, Fribourg in particular.. and The as well!



Live long and prosper.

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Travel Report Update! - No python bites or botly infestations, so.. (Swiss trip 2011) Image Attachments URL

Ricky Lee 336 June 02, 2011 02:12PM

Very well. Glad you made it. Cheers! (n/t)

JP 154 June 02, 2011 02:16PM

Glad you landed safely! - as far as air travel..
Pfffft! - any sane sentient knows that rail is the civilized way to go.. (biased? Moi? Bien Sur!)

Flasharry 207 June 02, 2011 02:24PM

Re: Pfffft! - any sane sentient knows that rail is the civilized way to go.. Jpeg Attachments
I've got to say, I did enjoy my ~ 1-½ hour trip on the immensely. Great scenery, smooth ride, oodles of legroom.. and a full bar as well! Smile Yup, I see your point perfectly! Smile

(biased? Moi? Bien Sur!)
Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. off

Ricky Lee 158 June 02, 2011 02:47PM

You should have wore your Mondaine! Mon Dieu! (n/t)

Flasharry 150 June 02, 2011 02:53PM

What makes you think I didn't? I am confused
You don't seriously think I brought only one watch? Crazy! Loco!

Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. off

Ricky Lee 147 June 03, 2011 02:35AM

Wearing a Sweiss RR watch on a Swiss train? = Thumbs up! (n/t)

Flasharry 115 June 03, 2011 10:27AM

A confession. I did NOT bring the Mondaine. I am crying Crazy! Loco!
I was about halfway to the airport when I realized that it would have been the obvious choice. Oops! I seriously thought about going back to get it, but didn't want to chance missing my flight for something that would have been so hard to explain to the non-WIS in me life. Laughing

Of course, in the end, it wouldn't have mattered since my flight was cancelled anyway! I am angry!

Ah well. Next trip. Innocent

Ricky Lee 137 June 03, 2011 03:53PM

Glad you made it Bro Ricky!!! Looks like that pint was much needed!!!
Hope to see more of your journey!!! That Longines is Drooling

dano0 125 June 02, 2011 04:32PM

Thank you! Bro. Dano! 'twas. Wink

Hope to see more ofyour journey!!!
I'll do me best.. just don't expect Chris Moy level photos. Oops!
That Longines is Drooling
You think thats Drooling , you ought to see it in person!
Ricky Lee 150 June 03, 2011 02:38AM

Cheers!Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF 118 June 02, 2011 02:30PM

Great pics! Cheers! (n/t)

Need_Omega 148 June 02, 2011 02:53PM

Re: the pilot aborted the first landing attempt because there was a plane still taxiing on our runway.
Yikes bro! THAT is some scary stuff. I also feel your pain about the lack of sleep; I can't sleep sitting up for crap's sake either. laughing

Now that the hellish travel is over, I'm a little envious. There isn't much I enjoy more than getting to know new places. Can't wait for more photos. Thumbs Up

DJM 122 June 02, 2011 03:07PM

Re: Yikes bro! THAT is some scary stuff.
Well, the pilot didn't make it sound like a big deal. The plane in question had landed just before us, and was being pokey about clearing the runway, 'bout the size of it.

But, yeah. That's the first time in godnose how many flights that I've ever had 'em abort a landing. I am confused It definitely got my attention! Laughing

Ricky Lee 132 June 02, 2011 04:38PM

Thks for the pic Ricky. Does anyone know if that Longines has the original Weems dial or is it an Hour Angle?
A vintage watch collector tried to explain the difference to me at a NYC GTG some months ago but I forget. The vintage originals are very sweet but so tiny they're almost unwearable.

Adam in NYC 144 June 02, 2011 03:25PM

Isn't it a Longines Lindberg? (n/t)

JP 177 June 02, 2011 03:29PM

The one Ricky posted is an Hour Angle aka Lindberg. Weems refers to the bezel system >
You have to push the tiny button at 4 to rotate the bezel. The original Weems design did not have the navigation related numbers on the dial & bezel, it was a plain 60 min bezel. Smile

Adam in NYC 163 June 02, 2011 04:06PM

Not original Weems.. JP nailed it, 'tis the Lindbergh.
Or, checking the web site, Lindbergh Hour Angle is the official description it seems. So you're right too. Wink

The other Longines Lindbergh, the Atlantic Voyage Chronograph, is a stunner a well. WIS Honeymoon

Ricky Lee 168 June 02, 2011 04:14PM

Great pics! Looking forward too more. (n/t)

Timemiser 119 June 02, 2011 03:53PM

Glad you're having a good time- check out the pizza across the street and to the left of your hotel.
Looking forward to the phototour.Cheers!

itschris 153 June 02, 2011 04:38PM

That'd be the Bella Vita? Jpeg Attachments
Alas, I missed it. Oops!

Fribourg has a large and thriving Mediterranean community, and they're not ones to leave their cuisine behind. So that's what I've been concentrating on.. felafel, kebabs, panini, that sort of thing. Excellent fare! Thumbs up!

But, hey, Perhaps I'll hit the Bella Vita for lunch on the way out.. Smile

But wait! I am confused Do you know..

Photo by Ricky Lee

..the Hotel du Faucon? If so, do tell!



Ricky Lee 138 June 03, 2011 02:13AM

I was checking out the neighborhood on Google maps.Wink (n/t)

itschris 150 June 03, 2011 02:39PM

Have a great time sir Smile And i'm Drooling for that Murphy's Laughing (n/t)

wodo 146 June 02, 2011 06:10PM

I had just the one, then switched to Cardinal lager. Mmmmmmm! WIS Honeymoon (n/t)

Ricky Lee 122 June 03, 2011 02:14AM

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up, Ricky! (n/t)

John N 113 June 02, 2011 07:04PM

Thanks for checking in Ricky Thumbs Up Have a great time in good old Switzerland Cheers! (n/t)

Reto 130 June 02, 2011 09:32PM

Thank you! Boss! I will (and am! WIS Honeymoon) (n/t)

Ricky Lee 135 June 03, 2011 02:17AM

Cheers Ricky!Cheers! Hope you will have a Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr8 time in Europe!Cool (n/t)

Wycombe 123 June 03, 2011 01:09AM

Go Ricky-Lee! Enjoy yourself on your European trip...
... And have a few pints for us as well Cheers!

Don't forget to get yourself a Swiss 'souvenir' whilst you're there; you'll regret it otherwise Smile

Best wishes on your travels Mate Cheers!

AndrewP 129 June 03, 2011 06:20AM

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