On this page I will mention some cars that I've owned and loved, or at least respected, in roughly chronological order. Note that in some cases I don't have a picture of the actual car I owned, and in that case I'll show you a file picture that's as close as I can come. And no, the list is not complete. I'm intentionally leaving out several miserable cars that I'd rather forget!
OK, first the "real" cars. By that I mean a car that was purchased new or in good condition, and that involved a substantial outlay of cash. You see, living in Illinois I followed the common practice of buying $100 to 2 or $300 "beater" cars to drive in the winter, thus saving whatever muscle car I happened to own at the time the rot and ruin of the salted winter roads. Now some of those beaters were cool cars in and of themselves, and I'll mention a few of them later on. But on with the show...


1966 Pontiac Bonneville 1974 Datsun B-210 hatchback
1967 Ford Mustang coupe

1987 Dodge Omni America hatchback

1973 Pontiac LeMans GT coupe 1990 Plymouth Horizon hatchback
1973 Plymouth Road Runner coupe1991 Plymouth Acclaim sedan 
1969 Plymouth Road Runner convertible Autos I currently own

Honorable mentions, aka Rusty But Trusty

1959 Cadillac sedan

1970 Chevrolet Impala sedan

1964 Chrysler Newport sedan

1968 Plymouth Road Runner coupe

1965 Pontiac GTO coupe

1971 Plymouth Barracuda coupe

1965 Ford Galaxie 500 sedan

1972 Plymouth Valiant sedan

Cars I'd like to own

Dodge Viper

1969 Barracuda coupe

Mopar "wing car"

1971 Plymouth Duster 340

426 Hemi

1969 Buick GS-400

1958 DeSoto Adventurer

1970 Oldsmobile 442

1967 Plymouth GTX


An Auto Repair Horror Story
aka why Sam's Club Southaven, MS Sucks 

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