1970 Impala sedan

file photo

Again, this file photo is not too close. That's a '69 SS-427 Impala, where mine was a '70 4-door sedan with a 350 cu. in. 2-barrel. The color is right, though! I inherited the car from my sister, Patricia, who bought it new.
Like the '65 Galaxie 500, I can't really think of too much to say about the Impala. It was free from any annoying quirks, which is more than I can say for the Ford. ;-) It was one of those cars that just ran and ran, without any drama. In the 10 years that my sister and I drove it, it never needed a single repair, that I can recall. Tune ups, oil changes, tires, and such, of course.. but nothing ever broke.
It was sold to a good friend of my sister's, and was still on the road the early '90s. Heck, it might still be!

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