1990 Horizon hatchback

90 Horizon

Yeah, it's pretty much the same car as the Omni. Same 2.2 L OHC corporate four, only this one was fuel-injected vs. the Omni's staged Holley 2-barrel, and it had an automatic trans vs. the Omni's 5-speed manual. Also, this car was extremely bare-bones! No a/c, no p/b, no cruise control, not even a radio! While it was a fine little car, it's lack of a/c quickly led me to trade it in after we moved south. You can get away without air in northern Illinois, you need it in Mississippi. In retrospect, I should have sold this car and kept my '69 Road Runner when we moved, although it was kind of cool convoying from IL to MS in our matched L-bodies.. ;-)
The picture above was taken in Huntsville, Alabama, at a rocket meet.

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