1965 Galaxie 500 sedan

file photo

I inherited this car from my brother J.E. when he moved, and couldn't take it along. The file photo is not too close; mine was a 4-door, so naturally not an XL model, and it was painted a nondescript tan. It had the 352 big-block 2-barrel motor with automatic trans. Actually, I hesitate to include this one in the beater car category. The body was straight, with no rust to speak of, and the interior was mint. Being free, the price certainly qualifies it, though! It would have probably run forever, had I not took out 100 feet of split-rail fence with it one dark and stormy night. :-(
Favorite memory; none that I can think of. It was a reliable car that'd get you there and back, but nothing memorable ever happened.. nothing other than demolishing that fence, that is. :-/
Worst drawbacks; an unfortunate tendency to run rough and miss in heavy rain. I replaced cap/rotor/spark-plug wires, silicone-greased every wiring connector I could get to, but never could solve the problem. Also, these old Fords used a circuit-breaker in the headlight circuit, and this one would randomly trip out at speed, leaving you in the dark for 5 seconds or so, until the breaker would reset itself. Scary! It didn't happen all that often, but enough so that you never wanted to push it at night. Not a bad car.. for a Ford! ;-)

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