1959 Cadillac sedan

file photo

While this is a file photo, my car looked exactly like this, save it didn't have wide whitewall tires, and the fender skirts were long gone.
I paid something like $150 for this one, and while it was pretty reliable, it came this >< close to killing myself and a couple of friends. We were cruising down the road, minding our own business, when whe smelled something burning. Seconds later the entire car was filled with thick, acrid, extremely noxious smoke. By the time I got it pulled over and we piled out, we'd all got a dose of the stuff. My lungs ached for days. Turned out the wiring for the power windows and locks had burned.
Niftiest feature; the electric eye on the dash which automatically dimmed the lights when you met oncoming traffic. Worst feature; 10 mpg!

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