Cub Cadet LT1050

Friday, 27 July 2007

The ol' Murray mower died last week, after a long illness. Dropped a valve, I think, or maybe busted a piston. Deader'n a doornail, in any case. Frowning

The Cub Cadet brand caught my eye, and after some research (including talking with several owners who were, to a man, happy with theirs) I decided to take the plunge. But which model? First I looked at this one;

Cub Cadet LT1045

A 20 HP with a 42" deck, powered by a Kohler single. But, like Baby Bear, I decided that it was just toooo little. Next up;

Cub Cadet GT1554

But this one, a 27 HP twin with 54" deck, was overkill. "Toooo big!" Not to mention a bit more expensive for my Inner Scotsman..  Laughing

This one, though..

Cub Cadet LT1050

"Ahhhh! Just right!"

It's a 50" cut, powered by a 23 HP Kohler twin. I bought it at the Tractor Supply in Horn Lake, a 'Manager's Special' at $100 off their regular price, and financed it on their 'No Interest, No Payments For 12 Months' plan. Cousin Jan graciously agreed to haul it home in her Dodge Ram, thus saving me a 100-mile round trip to Shamrock Hollow to pick up the ol' F100.

Cousin Jan

Thanks Jan!

Pam got the first go, of course. Hey, "Ladies First", right?

Click to enlarge.

All in all it's a vast improvement over that dad-blamed Murray!

Click to enlarge.

The 8" extra width of the deck helps a bunch, of course. But the hydrostatic transmission is also a huge time-saver. The lawn at OB requires quite a lot of gear-changing, which sucks on a manual transmission mower. With the Murray I found myself compromising by mowing in a non-optimal gear, just so I didn't have to shift so much. Not an issue with the Cub Cadet, as the perfect gear ratio is always right at hand (well.. foot Laughing). Money well spent, I think!

Oh, and Skipper had a great time chasing Pam around the yard...


Though CB could've cared less..

Skipper und CB

Laughing Laughing Laughing

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