1973 H-D Sprint SX-350

Yes, the bike picture is a '69 SS model, while mine was a '73 SX model (high pipe). Again, it's the closest photo I've got on file.
Looking back, I'm still not sure exactly why I bought the Sprint. I mean, I already had a far better street bike in the RD-350, and a far more competent dirt bike in the RT-2. Maybe it was the fond memories of the M-50, but mostly I think it was that it was there, and the price was right. Still, it was a fun bike, in it's own way. A low center-of-gravity and a fairly stiff frame resulted in good road handling, though it was woefully under-powered compared to the RD-350. And it sounded nice...
Favorite memory; it was before I even bought the bike. It was owned by a close friend, and we were exploring an area new to us, the environs of a theoretically off-limits hunting club. We rounded a corner, and suddenly found ourselves in the driveway of a remote house in the woods. Apparently, no one was home, but we were immediately set upon by three wicked-looking dogs. My pal stalled the Sprint, and for a moment it looked like he was dogmeat, literally! However, I circled him in first gear, round and round in a tight circle, making lots of noise and spraying gravel at the guard dogs, who were foaming at the mouth with rage. Probably because he was desperate, and definitely distracted, it took him seemingly forever to fire up the Sprint. In the end, we escaped without a scratch, though we never went back there again!
Worst memory; also before I owned the bike, with the same friend riding it. We left my place together, with me on the RT-2, and in the lead, naturally. I did a wheely, wound it out through the gears, then slowed way down to allow him to catch up. Bad move! One of his footpegs had loosened up, and he was looking down, trying to rotate it back into position with his toe; not looking where he was going at all. Well, when he hit me from the rear, it was like I'd been thumped with a gigantic hammer! I was so stunned, I honestly couldn't figure out what had happened. I thought I'd been struck by lightning, or something. Still dazed, I looked down the road, and saw Andy and the Sprint lying in a heap, and it all became clear... :-/ It's funny, looking back on it, though it's damned lucky we didn't both break our necks!

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