Old Style

Now, despite my long sojourn in the Chicago area, where Old Sytle is very popular, I rarely drank the stuff. Ironically, it's now my standard brew. It wasn't sold in the Memphis area at all until '93 or '94. It didn't sell well, either, and very few establishments stocked it. Then, when Stroh bought G.Heileman in 1996, they dropped the price and started a sales push, and a few more places started carrying it. I began buying it occasionally, since the prices were lower than all but the worst horse-piss like Schlitz and Keystone, and I do consider it a decent beer. When Pabst acquired the brand last year, they dropped the price again! Currently regular-priced at $2.19 a six, I've seen it on sale for as low as $1.89 a six. That makes it the cheapest brew in the Memphis area, that I'm aware of. Folks in Chicago still pay normal, if not premium prices for the stuff, so how can you resist a value like that? ;-)
G.Heileman, Lacrosse, WI

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