Rockets R for Kidz...

Estes' Astrocam takes a single shot per flight, using 110 cartridge film. Kids are fascinated by the Astrocam, though the picture quality is nothing to brag about.

As an activity for father and son, Model Rocketry has few peers. Or father and daughter, if she's so inclined! little Kathyrn Busse sure seemed to enjoy it!

I enjoyed building and flying rockets with my son just as much, no, more than I did on my own as a Boy Rocketeer. Virtually all the time spent together, from the endless hours of construction to that brief rush when the rocket's actually in the air, was "quality time". Not only did Robert learn a lot, so did I. Thanks for being my partner, Bobby. Team Pogue Mahone was No.1, if not in the record books, then in my heart!

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