Monster Scale...

Compare this to my Scale Altitude IQSY Tomahawk of a few pages back:

Big difference! This rocket is super-heavy duty, using a rare 4.00 diameter tube with 1/2" wall thickness, with 1/4" 9-ply plywood fins. It is heavy, for a rocket it's size, and I wouldn't fly it on anything less than an H160, and a short delay, at that. The best all around engine seems to be an I300.

It was designed with the Aerotech K1100 reloadable in mind, and though it flew great on the one time I've used one, it stripped the 'chute and core-sampled. As a testament to it's strength, I only had to replace the front 24" of airframe tube, and I was back in business again! Note that this flight was tracked to 6,200+ meters (well over 20,000 feet!). While it doesn't really count, since the recovery was unsuccessful, it's still the highest altitude ever achieved by one of my rockets...

Another example of Rich Zarecki's outstanding work this is without a doubt THE most awesome High-Power scale rocket I've yet run across. The flight sequence shows the rocket on Aerotech K250 power, if I recall correctly.

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