Gallery o' Rogues...

Fellow rocketeers and NIRA members, that's Rick Gaff on the left and Mark "Bunny" Bundick on the right. Bunny went on to become President of the NAR.

Fellow Mad Rocketeers and Tripoli Chicago members, Dennis Wacker is on the left, and Danny "the Polock" Pasholk is on the right. Dennis and Danny, besides being a corrupting source of this BAR, were the driving force behind the semi-annual Danville launch, and the proprietors of D.A.R.E. Rockets, a company specializing in beautiful rockets with a novel interchangeable motor mount system.

The rocket pictured used a K in the booster and a J in the top stage. What a brute! They were featured in the Elgin, IL daily paper in an article about this rocket.

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