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Sent: Friday, August 20, 1999 9:46 AM
Subject: RE: Rick's quote-of-the-day

Now to switch to the topic of some good music... Pull up I didn't make the show on Thursday but did make the next three days. I had to put the front end of the bike back together and about the time I was done it started pouring down rain. Even had a tornado just up the road. The guys at the concert said they only got a few drop though. <sigh>... I missed B.O.C. shit!

First band I saw was Jon Jett. Cool show! Steppenwolf was GREAT!! When he started "Born to be Wild" a few of the bikers fired up their machines. John Kay mentioned that they had a web site maintained by their keyboard player so I checked it out when I got home. I figured "what the heck" and sent an e-mail to him too. I actually got a reply back the next day! <"We're not worthy!">

On Saturday I got to hear "Inna Godda Davida" twice since there was Iron Butterfly and another former member of the band was touring with the "Classic Rock All-Stars" both playing. Those guy were GREAT!!! All the players were from old classic bands. They did a lot of each other's music and jammed like mad men! I wish I could remember who all was in that band so I could see where they fit in the history with the old bands. I seem to remember that the lead guitar player was the one from Iron Butterfly and he also played with Alice Cooper.

Even the Beatles tribute band was good. The even had a left handed bass player and a drummer with a big nose. <grin>... Since Tommy James didn't show, (along with Leslie West) the Teen Idols closed the show. Girls were still going nuts over them. Peter Noone even got a pair of panties thrown up on stage to him. He held them up to the band and said that it was amazing that even 30 years later girls were still throwing panties to him....they were normally much bigger now days though. <grin>...

A few of the bands didn't show up on Sunday but the ones that did made up for it. They brought out the "Classic Rock All-Stars" again and they had a great jam. I was disappointed that Heart didn't show but a local cop told me later that some nut had sent Nancy Wilson's husband a death threat. They were actually on the plane to come here and turned the plane around on the tarmac. Blood, Sweat, and Tears was really great. I managed to get "Spinning Wheel Ride" on video but the first part of it messed up. Damn cheap tape. I should have taped more but was saving tape for Heart. Oh well... It was funny to see that most of these guys had gotten old, gray haired and fat just like the rest of us. <grin>...

I know there isn't as much detail as you normally put in your concert reports but DAMN there was a LOT of great stuff here!!! It was great to see all the bands that I never got to see growing up. And I made some good friends too! I no sooner got in the gate than I met a group of bikers from east KY. One had a 82 Virago 750 just like Piglett! Very nice paint job on it! He lost the bolt that holds the rear brake assembly from turning and screwed things up. We managed to get it back together enough for him to ride it and I offered him parts from Piglett but his friends had to get back home for work early Tuesday and my place was too far out of the way. He's the one sitting on the ground by the bike in "itchy_02.jpg".

Lunch Time!!!