OK, here we go. I've checked all these links, and they were live as of 3-5-2000. If you find any dead ones, please drop me a line. So, in no particular order…


The Mother of all Computer Enthusiasts?

Computer Museum

Eric Raymond's Home Page

UNIX haters

CD-R resources

Computer Strippers

Robert X. Cringeley

Guide to setting up Road Runner for Linux in Memphis


For the price, you can't beat these tubes. I have a 19-incher.

Sony Playstation resourses

Classic computing


Recommended Software

Alchemy Mindworks- graphics tools

Cat Disk- a life-changing program!

Harvest those JPEG files from usenet automatically

Offline mail readers for the Fidonet crowd

An X-Tree clone. THE best file manager

Huge and active archive. If it ain't here, you don't need it!


Betamax Lives!

Remote control cross-index

Betamax Informer backissues

Tony's Betamax page

Ray Glasser's Ultimate Betamax Guide


Humor / Fun Stuff

ASCII generator

The Darwin Awards

Dave Barry

Radical & Extreme Hobbies

Civil War humor

The Nations of North America

A course in Swedish cursing

User Friendly 'toon Recommended!

Weird Web Site Awards



Jerry Lee Lewis

The Nyckelharpa

BBC Worldservice online


CD Creations

The CDDB database

Citterns/Mandola page

Citterns On Ice

Custom Built (Rockabilly, Psychobilly, etc.)

The Dead Media Project

Misunderstood Lyrics

Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame

Rockabilly Hall Of Fame


All about the Austin, TX Music scene

Garage Bands

Wonderful World Of Bagpipes

The Virtual Filksing



The Battlefield Band

Black 47

Blue Oyster Cult fanclub

Doc Watson

Ed Miller

Gram Parsons

Hasil Adkins

Joe Bethancourt

Shane MacGowan

Pearls Before Swine

The Pogues

Pogues II

Steve Earle unofficial site

The Cernettes

Christy Moore

The Skels Bar & Grill


Downloadable Music

Audio Dreams

Good Noise

Uncle Frank's MIDI site

Iuma (also available via FTP)

HeardOn (recommended!)

MP3 Web

The 800 Pound Gorilla of MP3

Extreme MP3

MP3 Heaven

In MP3


Cool record labels


Online music merchants

The 800 Pound Gorilla of online music

Collector's Choice

Good used/collectible pricing info

New and used

Music locator

Keep your vinyl spinning!

Pierre's Cajun Record Shop



Favorite radio stations

MS/Windows Media Radio Station Guide


World's Best Radio Station, Memphis

Chicago's Best


Science Fiction

Spooky radio personality

Book finding services- good for out-of-print works

Coding Errors- Cyberpunk, some decent downloadable fiction

Cosma Shalizi

Good indie book dealer- Hi Jo!

History of Filk by Lee Gold

Swarthmore's Filk Archives

Authorized John Shirley site

John's SF pages (including the infamous Evil Overloard list)

Kay Shapero

Check this one out!

Ditto; a great place to browse

A pretty good SF links page

Talk to MegaHAL

The Artemis Project- not SF, except to those totally lacking vision

The L-Space Web- Terry Pratchett

The Tea Bowl - A Chatsubo Archive

Virginia Speculative Fiction Project



Luft '46


Pima Air Museum

NASA Dryden photo gallery


Model Rocketry

Online auctions price report

Generally acknowledged as THE online Rocketry site

Custom kits

Mid-South Rocket Society

National Association of Rocketry

Tripoli Rocketry Association

Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe



Unauthorized Dilbert (including the First 50!)

The Authorized Dilbert Site



Motorsports Hall Of Fame

Plymouth's Winged Wonder

Allpar- Your one-stop Mopar connection

Mopar by models

The Chrysler Corporation

J. Moore's Mopar Links page

Word's biggest motorcycle?

European motorcycle links

The Interactive Motorcycle

Knights Of The Riceburner MC

McLagen Motorcycle Links

Motorcycle City e-zine

Ronnie Cramer's Motocycle Index (recommended!)

Highland Motors motorcycles


Periodicals online


Net Friends

Bob Klahn

David Marheine

Juha Lindroos

Nancy Wood
Nancy's also got a great links page, largely music-related

Elaine Naiman



Hot & Spicy!

Recipe Box format


Reference resources

What's In A Name? (Etymology of Names)

Vintage advertisements

Aninal pictures

Familiar quotations

Locate people and businesses

Encyclopedia Britannica online

Online Celtic Community

Charters Of Freedom (Bill Of Rights, etc.)

Legal self-help

Drudge Retort- Samurai political writings

What's In A Name? (surnames)

Free 'net enyclopedia

Hypertext dictionary/gateway

The Mad Scientists Network- great stuff!

What's playing at Malco theatres?


More maps

Quotes related to Microsoft

All about Neanderthal Man

History of the 'net

Project Gutenberg- if it didn't exist, we'd have to invent it!

CMU Pronouncing Dictionary

Rhyming Dictionary

Roget's Thesaurus

The Yellow Pages (Sunshine Pages)

Locate people and businesses

Terraserver satellite images (Olive Branch,MS)

Yet another Etymology of Names site

"The Past Into The Future"- History of all sorts

Universal currency converter- An Essential Site!

UPS shipping calculator

Web Ring Home Page


Classic video games


Misc. links I personally find interesting

'cuz of Bobby, our son

Opinions expressed there not necessarily my own…

All about Tartan
Find your Tartan!

No relation.. ;-)

Political skeletons in the closets

Our house from orbit!

X-Tree Fan club

Opinions expressed there not necessarily my own…

Chilhowee Bluff Bed & Breakfast