I'm a big Science Fiction fan (say "ess-eff", not "sigh-fye" <grin>) , with Robert A. Heinlein being, for me, The Founding Father. The Grand Duke. The best ever, period. I've got every book he wrote, some several times over. Heck, I've worn out several of the copies.

Other SF loves; the Neuromancer trilogy by Gibson. I've read the thing at least a dozen times, maybe more. What can I say? 'tis a Masterpiece, pure and simple. Probably the most perfectly realized trilogy ever, IMHO.

And Terry Pratchett! Can't forget Terry Pratchett, or Pterry, as his faithful fans have nicknamed him. I've got a nearly complete Pratchett collection, and 'tis a prized posession indeed. I consider Pterry to be the most accomplished satirist since Mark Twain, and as a comedy writer he blows away all competitors. He may be the most adept author in the area of character development ever. I mean, whom else could get the reader to sympathize with Death himself? Right! No one but Pterry! <grin>

A few misc. quotes, then;

Enchantment by Orson Scott Card

Shakespeares Planet by Clifford D. Simak

American Gods 2001 by Neil Gaiman

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