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Sunday 02 December, 2007

Ol' Pup's nearly six months old now, s' growing like a weed...

I reckon we'll keep him... Rolling On Floor, Laughing

He's big buddies with Pretty Boy... well, with all the Cats, really.

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My favorite, I think, is still Miss Tabbie, the yellow 'un; she is quite a bit smaller than her brothers, but she stands her own.  When they were barely 2 months old the moma cat brought in small field mice, baby rabbits and such Miss Tabathia would take the days catch away from her brothers.  For " a wild litter", they have become rather tame, at least for Pam, that is!

She's goin' to the Vet to be fixed next week...

The black one we call "Fraidy Cat", he's turned into quite the daredevil acrobat.. he hardly lives up to his name at all, save for that he is still a bit skittish o' me. Smiley And well he should be!
Rolling on floor laughing

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O' course 'ol Pup still defers to CB, since CB is the seasoned and senior male member of the pack;

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Here's another of Pretty Boy, the dominant cat of the Yardcat Tribe.

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Skipper's still doin' fine. Gettin' fat she is, says Pam!
Rolling on floor laughing  She is a very "needy".  Sometimes she seems to be attached physically to Pam!   But at least her hair has grown back.  She loves to ride in the car, so sometimes she gets to go shopping with mom.  At least she is a good guard dog for the car.  

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And finallly, a parting shot from CB...

Rolling on floor laughing Rolling on floor laughing Rolling on floor laughing Rolling on floor laughing Rolling on floor laughing Rolling on floor laughing

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