14 April, 2006

Woke up, had a cup, then the cats told us it was time to go to work:
Bobcat & Harley

We stopped to smell the Clematis first. It's really bloomin' this year!


That deserves a close-up:


Now for the actual work. I got out my manly Stihl 025 chainsaw and cleared the brush and overgrowth out the west fence line, while Pam used the sissy electric clippers to trim the south hedges:
Hedge trimming

Pam, however, ran into a bit more excitement than I did:

He slithered right across her foot.. I had taken a load of brush down to the burn pile, a good 1/8th mile away, but had no trouble hearing her scream... Rolling on floor laughing.. I guarantee he regretted messin' with Pam, though:
Take THAT!

Next on to the real work:
Garden-1st day

They say it's good luck to plant on Good Friday. We'll see.
Smile We down-sized a bit this year. Hey, 'tis just us two! Got the staples, of course:
Hot! Call the Fire Department!

This guy has some blooms already:


Two things money can't buy: Love, and home-growed tomaters.

Ah well, enough work for one day!

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