10 April, 2006

This has been my favorite harbinger of spring for the past few years:
Silly Goos on nest

I've named Silly Goose, and she has made her nest by our pond for 4 years running. The first 3 years she built the nest smack-dab in the middle of the bridge which leads out to the island in the middle of the pond. She got her name 'cause.. well, 'cause that seemed like a pretty silly place to build a nest. Smile As you can see, she moved the nest to the bank of the pond this year, so I guess she ain't so silly after all.. even a Silly Goose can learn.  Laughing


She's quite the protective mother and, if I get too close, will hop off the eggs and hiss at me.

Silly Goose

But she soon calms back down. It actually amazing how close I can approach before she takes alarm. Seems like she tolerates me a bit more every year, and today I was able to get within 2 feet of the nest before she said 'enough'.

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