1977 Honda XL350K1

I acquired this bike from my brother in the mid-80's. I used it as a commuter bike for many years, as well as a general all-around play bike. The above shot is me, playing around in my back yard in Bristol, IL. I did a lot of riding together with Bobby on this one, with him mounted on the Z-50. A docile, reliable, totally trouble-free bike, if a bit on the bland side.
Favorite story; I set out to work on the bike one cool June morning, despite a light fog. But the further I rode, the foggier it got! I remember thinking "Man! If it gets any worse, I'll have to turn around and go home." I'd never seen fog so thick. Finally, just as I was ready to turn back, I reached up to adjust my glasses, and happened to brush the lens with my glove. Doh! Yes, my glasses were fogging up. <grin> Talk about feeling like a dolt...

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