1966 BSA Lightning

The model shown is a Lightning Clubman, probably a U.K. bike. My brother's bike was the regular A65L.
He bought it used, in '69 or '70. It was not running, filthy, and looked ratty as heck. I suspect that he planned to cannibalize it for parts for the Hornet. But whatever was wrong with it, it couldn't have been serious, as he got it running the day he brought it home, without even making a parts run to the BSA dealer.
He then made a deal with me; if I cleaned it up real good, I could ride it. Yes! I literally went over that thing with a toothbrush, cleaning every nook and cranny I could get to. It totally transformed the bike, too; as I recall, it looked quite nice after I was done. He must have been pretty impressed, too, as he never did strip it for parts. He rode it several years, and eventually blew the engine while racing some buddy with a Corvette. By that time the Hornet was gone, I think, or at least he was no longer racing it, so he scrapped the Lightning.

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