1966 Honda CL-160

As I mentioned earlier, this is the bike that got me on the road!
In retrospect, it was an exceedingly odd choice of bikes for my brother. He was a staunch BSA man, and the little Honda scrambler didn't seem to be at all in character for him. He rode the bike mostly on the street, indeed he rode it to work 'most every day. I think that it was a tacit admission that, even then, he realized that Japanese bikes, and Hondas especially, were far, far more reliable than the British iron of the time. And it certainly was a reliable bike. He owned the bike for maybe a decade, and I can't recall it ever breaking down. All the more amazing considering that in it's last few years it was stripped of all the road gear, and was thrashed within an inch of it's life in the dirt, while receiving little or no maintenance.
I don't recall what became of it, but I sure wish I had it now...

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