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The Queen


Holly was feline the equivalent of Duchess, in that she was loaded with personality. More, I think, than any cat I've ever met.
Holly was one of those cats that demands attention, and wouldn't take no for an answer. She'd purr, rub her head on any convenient part of your anatomy, and generally make it known that she wants petted right now. We adopted her from a local veternarian, shortly after my daughter had lost a previous cat to some unknown wild animal (coon or coyote, we figure). We were in to pay the bill resulting from our efforts to save that feline friend, when they offered us Holly. When I first approached her, she stood on her hind legs as soon as I reached for her, the sooner to get a ration of petting. I was sold from that moment on! We made her a house-only cat, having learned our lesson with her predecessor.
Like Snickers, she was a mighty hunter, though her tastes ran more to insects than to rodents (go figure!). She did catch more than her share of mice, though, and kept the house relatively free of the little vermin.

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