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As a pup.



Bo was named for Bo Jackson, my son's favorite sports hero at the time we acquired him. He was nominally Bobby's dog, but I sort of inherited him when Bobby shipped out to the Army.
A word about Bo's origins is in order, I think. He was bred by my brother-in-law Calvin, with his sire being Max and the dam Cleo. Max was perhaps the most awesome Black Lab I've ever encountered, rivalled only by my own Duchess. He was a superb hunting dog, equally effective on waterfowl or field game such as pheasant. He was built like a tank, more stout than Bo, though Bo very nearly matched him in weight (Bo weighed as much as 110 lbs). Max was also one fearsome watch-dog, an area where Bo could've been a bit better.
Bo inherited Max's intelligence but, due mostly to circumstances beyond our control, we weren't able to spend enough time to train him properly. So while the potential was there, he was a bit stubborn and headstrong. He was definitely King Of The Block, though, having whipped every dog in the neighborhood! All in all, a fine friend, and I miss him still...

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